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Camera Phone 2 (2016) [Web] - GazaManiacRG Torrent
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Camera Phone 2 (2016) [Web]

"This time curiosity will kill."

Trailer: Youtube
Release Date: 8 April 2016
Genres: Found Footage, Horror
Director: Meosha Bean, Eddie Brown Jr.
Writer: Meosha Bean, Eddie Brown Jr.
Stars: Kevin Adams, Shahin Adygezalov, Meosha Bean
Country: USA, Australia
Language: English

Julie invited some friends over for movie night and she decides to show the indie film "Camera Phone". The DVD had come in the mail by mistake and she gets her friends to watch it with her. After they watched the movie they had mixed feeling about the film. Then there was knock on the door and Julie goes to the door to discover there is no one there. On the ground is a package without a return address on it but its address to her. So when they open the package its 5 cell phones in the package and a note. This is where the reality and horror come in; the phones are from victims of unsolved cases. Each phone has a video on it and each student takes a phone and watches them as stated in the note. They will then learn curiosity did kill, when their lives become a part of the terror which is "Camera Phone 2".


Camera Phone 2 (2016) [Web] - GazaManiacRG Torrent

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