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Camera Phone (2012) [Web] - GazaManiacRG Torrent
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Camera Phone (2012) [Web]

"This is one house party that will not be forgotten."

Trailer: Youtube
Release Date: 29 September 2012
Genres: Found Footage, Horror
Director: Eddie Brown Jr.
Writer: Eddie Brown Jr.
Stars: Frederic Doss, Chelsea Edmundson, Lien Mya Nguyen
Country: USA
Language: English

On March 20, 2010 there was a party at a building in Orange County. That night, there was a 911 call that has been filed as 'unknown' and the case was hidden from the public. The events that took place are unsolved and there are no suspects. But, all of these events were captured on electronic devices. The police have put together the footage to figure out what happened. The events you are about to experience will shock and disturb you.


Camera Phone (2012) [Web] - GazaManiacRG Torrent

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