Gormenghast (2000) - DVD-Rip - HEVC x265 - dMac

Gormenghast (2000) - DVD-Rip - HEVC x265 - dMac Torrent
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Lavish BBC production of Gormenghast, a four-part adaptation of the first two novels (

Titus Groan



) in Mervyn Peake's dark fantasy series, airing in 2000.

Titus is to inherit a claustrophobic kingdom made of rock and to continue its arcane and seemingly meaningless rituals, just as his father and those before him have done for years. It’s not a particularly powerful or exciting monarchy.

Still, it becomes the ultimate desire of the devious Steerpike (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), an industrious kitchen boy, to rule the house of Groan. Inadvertently rescued from the cruel and torturous hands of the piglike Swelter (Richard Griffiths) by the foreboding Flay (Christopher Lee), Steerpike doesn’t take long to ingratiate himself with the royal family. Part one focuses on his rather violent rise to power.

Part two is devoted to the older Titus, who seeks to escape his royal duty. His only ally is his older sister, Lady Fuchsia (Neve McIntosh), who like Titus comes to hate the trappings of Gormenghast. Although the desire to leave is great, Titus must face down the ruinous Steerpike and save Gormenghast before he can completely reject it.

Gormenghast (2000) - DVD-Rip - HEVC x265 - dMac Torrent

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