Your Name (2016) [BD 1080p 5 1 ][ABEEB]

Your Name (2016) [BD 1080p 5 1 ][ABEEB] Torrent
Size: 4.9 GB
Language: Japanese
Uploader: abeeb12342

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CRF 16 qcomp 0.75
Audio is QAAC q127 from DTS-MA

v3 is now with MTBB’s styled subs, though edited to return most of the dialogue to retail since I didn’t agree with most of their translation choices, and I’ve added one sign of my own to theirs.
Default track has had honorifics added and the in-movie lyrics cut since I found those to distract from what was going on.
Second track is without honorifics and with lyrics.
And there’s my retail edit with honorifics and crappy retail signs.
And then there’s the Blu-ray PGS subs.

And now I’m going to bed since this took me all night.

Cheers and don't forget to seed

Your Name (2016) [BD 1080p 5 1 ][ABEEB] Torrent

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